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Anchor High Heat Welding Gloves

$42.44 $36.99
Save your hands! Anchor High Heat Welding Gloves are designed for fluxed core welding applications. Flexible, soft, and heat resistant up to 700°F.

Best Welds 7344 Leather Welding Gloves

Best Welds 7344 Leather Welding Gloves provide superior heat protection. These gloves are made with Kevlar thread and feature absorbent cotton sock lining.


$505.76 $379.32
Best Welds G350 Series Cutting and Welding Outfits Product Details: Built-in flashback and check valves for safety Patented high contrast gauges Color-coded knobs on regulators

Chamfer Rod for Gouging and Cutting

Chamfer Rod for Gouging and Cutting can be used on steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, and Stainless.

Cut Rod for All Metals

Cut Rod for All Metals is designed for cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper. No compressed air needed! Works on AC welder.

Electronic Welding Helmet

$95.00 $75.00 electronic welding helmet is Arc-Ready for immediate use right out of the box. Includes adjustable shades (9-13) with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

HSP90 Welding Putty

HSP90 welding putty is used for insulating and position parts for welding. It can protect against heat up to 3000°F.

Premium Maintenance T-Shirt

Rock our Premium Maintenance Alloys T-Shirt! It's light-weight and comfortable. Wear it in the shop or around the house. Pick up yours, today!


$20.45$27.92 SaveWear Plates will save you time cladding your equipment for wear protection. SWPlates is through-hardened abrasion resistant steel, much harder and more wear resistant than conventional AR400 or AR500. It's easy to install in large or small areas.

Spray Torch Kit

WRC Spray Torch Kit a thermal spray torch for adding powdered metal protective coatings to wear surfaces. Available different types of powders are gravity fed through the spray torch using oxygen and acetylene bonding to the worn base metal. The WRC spray torch can be used in all positions on different types of metals including steels, alloyed steels, cast iron, and stainless steel. Check out the demonstration video below.

Steel Ground Clamps, 500 A, 3/0

Best Welds Steel 500amp Ground Clamp

Super 990 Factory Maintenance Welding Rod

Weld dissimilar alloys with the highest tensile strength and ductility. Great for tools, dies, coil springs, leaf, spring steels, carbon steels, stainless steels, wear, impact, heat, and corrosion resistant welds.

Twin Welding Hoses, 1/4 in, 25 ft, All Fuel Gases

$55.97 $49.50
Product Details: Open steam vulcanization curing process does not require pin pricking and offers improved cover and reinforcement adhesions for longer hose life Non-staining coupling ensures that brass fitting will not discolor 90% of reels are one-piece reels Made in the USA

Welding Cable, 1/0 AWG, 250 ft

$749.00 $674.00
Excelene 1/0 Welding Cable 250 FT

Welding Gloves (3 Pack)

$37.50 $24.00
Protect your hands with our Premium Welding Gloves with the Logo! Tilman 1000 style. Includes 3 pairs of gloves. In Stock & Ready to Ship!