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12 Mig Wire for Hardfacing Applications

Our 12 Mig Wire for General Purpose Applications provides a good combination of abrasion resistance and toughness. Not for build-up. Maximum 1 to 2 layers.

32 Mig Wire for Heavy Equipment

Our #32  fluxed core Mig Wire for Heavy Equipment is a high strength, all position, maintenance wire. It's used primarily for joining of heavy equipment. The smoothest running fluxed core mig wire available.  

32BR Solid Low-Hydrogen MIg Wire

$110.64$123.87 #32BR will produce high strength welds on a wide range of base metals such as problem steels to the basic carbon and low alloy base metals. Its silicon level with molybdenum and manganese gives you excellent arc stability, low spatter, yielding a flat bead with excellent impact values. 32BR has a  high ductile tensile strength in the 100,000 psi range. 32BR produces Hi quality and porosity-free welds even over poorly cleaned base metals. This high strength solid MIG wire is also excellent for out of position MIG welding.

6 Mig Wire for Build-Up and Joining

Create a cushion layer for your hardface using our #6 Mig Wire for Build-Up and Joining! Builds up very fast and has easy slag removal.

930 Mig Wire for General Purpose Applications

930 Mig Wire for General Purpose Applications is excellent for all types of mild steel applications. Create stronger welds! No slag chipping required!


WR1247 Is made to give maximum wear to the shear while still allowing machinability to the base.  Deposits reach maximum hardness as deposited. And can be tempered to reduce stress. Weld deposit is highly shock resistant and resistant to heat checking. Apply a maximum of two passes of WR1247 only. Use WR#32 first if Build-up is needed. Available in 1/16 diameter 25lb spool.