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12 Hardfacing Electrode for Severe Wear

If you have thinner, worn parts, then you'll want to use our 12 Welding Rod for Severe Wear. It has a smooth surface overlay and can be used out of position. Excellent two pass hard surfacing electrode.

130 Stainless Steel Stick Electrode

For welding stainless steels, all types with unknown analysis. Very high strength with temperatures up to 1975 ° F. No splatter, applications -heat exchangers, high temperature, petroleum refining, paper making industries. Procedure: hold a short arc, deposit stringer beads, remove slag between passes. On DC use reverse polarity. Tensile Strength/Hardness: Up to 95,000 PSI Type of Current: AC –DC Welding Process: ARC, MIG, TIG Ultimate stainless steel electrode.

45FC Welding Rod for High Strength Brazing

45FC is our popular Welding Rod for High Strength Brazing. Preferred by most maintenance departments. Excellent on thin to thick welds. Use with Low Temperatures.


For non-machinable welds on machine bases, furnace grates, exhaust manifolds, etc.

9 Tubular Chrome Carbide Hardface

Our 9 Welding Rod for Large Area Hardfacing is our tubular chrome carbide product. It's great for applying out of position in large areas that need protecting. Watch the video to the left. Dave Miller explains #9 in depth. Watch our demo video on Facebook

930 Welding Rod (MG500 type)



MG500 TYPE WELDING ROD   930 Welding Rod for Mild Steel is a versatile, low allow steel for all purposes. It's our most popular out-of-position steel electrode.  

930 Mig Wire for General Purpose Applications

930 Mig Wire for General Purpose Applications is excellent for all types of mild steel applications. Create stronger welds! No slag chipping required!

WR56 Silver Solder (Over Stock)

  • Typical Application:  Suitable for use in the food processing industry. Silver color is excellent match for stainless steel and silverware applications.
  • Free bottle of Stay-Silv White Paste Flux with order!