What to do about Equipment Wear.

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Welding Companies and welding shops use different methods to repair wear on their equipment. Some welding companies opt to remove the worn areas of there equipment and use AR- Plate, and weld in new sections using Low -hydrogen electrodes. This method can produce faster results than using Electrodes or the MIG welding process to hard surface the worn areas. Using Hard surface instead of replacing the worn sections can add a tougher more wear resistant section. Because you have a choice of different types of hard surface available. Depending on your wear application this can be a much better choice to repair your worn equipment.
Let’s talk about the types of welding processes available to repair worn equipment.
If you refer to our welding rod chart you will discover many different types of hard surface electrodes and mig wires to correct the wear on your equipment.
Wear is a result of many different applications. It is very important to use the proper Hard surface. Wear on equipment is caused by different applications, severe abrasion, moderate to heavy impact or chemical reaction.


also, it is important to use either the right electrodes or Mig welding process to repair your application. Depending on your welding ability and welding equipment you have available, there are many different types of electrodes and mig wires to solve your wear issues.
To repair wear on most heavy equipment both the mig welding process and electrodes are commonly used. when you hard surface you need to know what the depth of the wear is before you start the repair. This is very important to determine. When you purchase hard surface electrodes or mig wire there are two types in general terms build-up or hard surface. If you determine your wear would need multiple passes, then you would purchase build-up electrodes or mig wire. Build-up electrodes and mig wire have an Rc of 25-35 which is soft but work hardens and can be machined or ground with little effort. This build-up is used for multiple passes to repair the wear back to normal size. It is also a good practice to cap the built-up area with two passes hard surface electrodes or hard surface mig wire. Hard surface electrodes and mig wires have an Rc of 52-65 as deposited. This means you would never build-up with a hard surface. This is a very important point you risk cracking and breaking off of the hard surface if used to build-up risking damage to your equipment.


It is very important to make sure you are purchasing the proper hard surface for your application. Most Industrial gas companies stock the basic welding electrodes and mig wires. If you visit your local industrial gas supplier for hard surface and they do not ask what your application is, then ask what type of hard surface they are given you. As we talked about in the previous paragraphs that there are many different types of wear. So it’s important to get the proper product for your application.
Let’s discuss stick welding amperage. This is very important when you are using a hard surface. You need to be aware of how much heat you want to apply to the base metal. How much distortion from the heat can you allow?
Do you need to weld out of position? Is your hard surface electrode made to weld out of position? There are products on our welding rod chart that will solve these hard surface issues.


When you look at our welding rod chart you may not recognize the welding rod numbers. They are proprietary to our company. On our website, you can see the description and MSDS specification of all our products.
We hope this article has helped you with your hard surface applications. If you have any questions about your application, please call our Technical helpline @ 1-888-935-3703 or email [email protected]


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