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#725 Cast Iron

"Excellent for Welding Cast to Steel"

12 Hardfacing Electrode for Severe Wear

If you have thinner, worn parts, then you'll want to use our 12 Welding Rod for Severe Wear. It has a smooth surface overlay and can be used out of position. Excellent two pass hard surfacing electrode.

12 Mig Wire for Hardfacing Applications

Our 12 Mig Wire for General Purpose Applications provides a good combination of abrasion resistance and toughness. Not for build-up. Maximum 1 to 2 layers.

127 Alloy Steel Welding Rod for Construction Repair

 Do you purchase 7018?
Try our 127 low-hydrogen welding rods. Made in the USA. 
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The smoothest running extra-low hydrogen welding electrode. Excellent out of position, best welding rod for all types of construction equipment. Extra-low hydrogen electrode for high resistance welding.

130 Stainless Steel Stick Electrode

For welding stainless steels, all types with unknown analysis. Very high strength with temperatures up to 1975 ° F. No splatter, applications -heat exchangers, high temperature, petroleum refining, paper making industries. Procedure: hold a short arc, deposit stringer beads, remove slag between passes. On DC use reverse polarity. Tensile Strength/Hardness: Up to 95,000 PSI Type of Current: AC –DC Welding Process: ARC, MIG, TIG Ultimate stainless steel electrode.

2000FC Silver Solder for Power Plants

2000FC Silver Solder for Power Plants is excellent on thin Stainless, Brass, Bronze, and Steel. It's low temperature and high-strength.

3100 Welding Rod for Aluminum

  3100 Welding Rod for Aluminum is great for high strength joins on truck and trailer bodies, foundry castings, aluminum angle, and tubing.

32 Mig Wire for Heavy Equipment

Our #32  fluxed core Mig Wire for Heavy Equipment is a high strength, all position, maintenance wire. It's used primarily for joining of heavy equipment. The smoothest running fluxed core mig wire available.  

32BR Solid Low-Hydrogen MIg Wire

$110.64$123.87 #32BR will produce high strength welds on a wide range of base metals such as problem steels to the basic carbon and low alloy base metals. Its silicon level with molybdenum and manganese gives you excellent arc stability, low spatter, yielding a flat bead with excellent impact values. 32BR has a  high ductile tensile strength in the 100,000 psi range. 32BR produces Hi quality and porosity-free welds even over poorly cleaned base metals. This high strength solid MIG wire is also excellent for out of position MIG welding.