How to Repair a Cracked Demolition Bucket

Do you work in demolition?

If so, you’ll know that excavator buckets are commonly cracked over time. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to repair a demolition excavator bucket using 32 Mig Wire.


This customer contacted us with a cracked and worn demolition excavator bucket. They had been using the bucket to pull out cement foundations. If you look closely, you will see that the extra-long teeth have significant cracks in the front corners. Rather than purchase a new excavator bucket, the customer picked up some of our 32 Mig Wire for Heavy Equipment.

32 Mig Wire for Heavy Equipment includes a fluxed core. This makes the welding process easier because it runs smoother in all positions.

Demolition Buckets Must Handle Severe Impact

After gouging out the old welds, we noticed cracks all the way down the sides.  The welder explained to me that he likes to pre-heat heavy sections before he starts the welding repair.

Preheating the steel slows the cooling rate in the weld area. This may be necessary to avoid cracking of the weld metal or heat affected zone. The need for preheat increases with steel thickness weld restraint, the carbon/alloy content of the steel, and the diffusible hydrogen of the weld metal.

The welder explained that it’s important to use a wire that will give you penetration and absorb severe impact. This is especially important for excavator buckets that are constantly taking a beating.

32 Mig Wire is mainly sold to our Heavy Construction Equipment Customers. Other Industries such as Demolition, Asphalt Grinding, Metal Recycling, Wood Recycling and Municipalities also use this product. We recommend 32 Mig Wire for applications with rHow to Repair a Cracked Demolition Bucketusty equipment, severe vibration and impact.

You can pick up 32 Mig Wire for Heavy Equipment here, and give it a try for your next high-impact repair!

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