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Tig Welding Training Class

Weldingrods.com is available to host a variety of Welding training classes including Tig, Mig, Arc and Oxy-Fuel for different industries. Most maintenance facilities employees are trained to weld on one type of welding process. This is sometimes not enough to get all the welding jobs done efficiently.

Tig Welding for Town of Enfield, CT DPW Garage

Welding Training Topics

In this Tig welding class, the mechanics learned the controls of the Tig Welder and how to set-up the Tig torch. We also broke down the Tig torch explaining in detail all the consumables required for this welding process.

All the mechanics learned how to start the torch and create a puddle, then correctly adding the filler metal to draw a bead. We also talked about applications and personal safety equipment needed to tig weld. Each class usually last about 3 hours.

If you would like to set up welding instruction for your facility, Contact Dave at Weldingrods.com. 1 (888) 935-3703


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