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Welding Rod Chart

$0.00 Welding Rod Wall Chart offers an easy way to compare our premium welding alloys and end-uses. Print out a copy and hang in your welding shop, today!   Must order free wallchart download through the shopping cart. Order Free Hard Copy Of the wall chart and (Just Pay Shipping).


WR1247 Is made to give maximum wear to the shear while still allowing machinability to the base.¬† Deposits reach maximum hardness as deposited. And can be tempered to reduce stress. Weld deposit is highly shock resistant and resistant to heat checking. Apply a maximum of two passes of WR1247 only. Use WR#32 first if Build-up is needed. Available in 1/16 diameter 25lb spool.  

WR56 Silver Solder (Over Stock)

  • Typical Application: ¬†Suitable for use in the food processing industry. Silver color is excellent match for stainless steel and silverware applications.
  • Free bottle of Stay-Silv White Paste Flux with order!